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Huntleigh Dopplex Bi-directional Dopplers – RD2


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Huntleigh Dopplex Bi-directional Dopplers – HUNTLEIGH-RD2, SD2, MD2

Photoplethysmograph (PPG) System

Huntleigh Healthcare’s Rheo Dopplex® II Doppler (RD2) provides four application areas in one unit:

  • DVT Screening (Deep Vein Thrombosis)
  • CVI Screening (Chronic venous insufficiency)
  • ABPI measurements (Ankle brachial pressure index)
  • Fetal heart detection (with optional OP2 probe)

Dopplex RD2 handheld unit combines Digital Photoplethysmography (PPG) with Bi-directional Doppler to make a complete arterial and venous assessment system. It can provide printouts of venous refill curves and blood flow waveforms using Dopplex DR3 software or the Dopplex Printa II package. (sold separately)

DVT Screening with the Dopplex RD2:

The Dopplex RD2 unit has been clinically proven to be effective in screening patients for the absence of a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in the lower limb. Clinical studies have shown that Dopplex RD2 is a reliable screening tool in patients with suspected lower limb DVT and is suitable for bedside and community based practice. (Tan et al, 1999; Hennings et al, 2000) Recent studies have shown that when the Dopplex RD2 is used in conjunction with D-Dimer, 100% NPV for DVT is obtained. This has also resulted in significant cost savings for the hospital by reducing the number of Duplex scans. (Tovey et al, 2000; Williams et al, 2002) The RD2 unit is ideal for A&E departments, Medical Assessment Units, GP and Leg Ulcer Clinics.

CVI Screening with the Dopplex RD2:

The Dopplex RD2 unit can also be used for assessing Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI). Applications include:

• Rapid assessment of overall venous function. (McEnroe et al, 1988)
• Differentiation between deep and superficial venous insufficiency (Neumann et al, 1992)
• Measurement of ABPI
• Detecting Fetal heart beat (with optional OP2)

Dopplex® RD2 Features:

  • PPG capability (Photoplethysmography)
  • Range of eight probe options with probe coding (sold individually…see descriptions below)
  • Built in loudspeaker and output for headphones
  • True separated stereo audio output
  • Enhanced Bi-directional LCD display
  • Waveform calibration function, 5 level
  • Gain control
  • Auto shut off and active noise reduction
  • Obstetric capability (audio only)


Includes one probe of your choice as standard – please specify choice in dropdown box above (additional probes are available separately).

RD2 is compatible with a wide range of Interchangeable Vascular & Obstetric Probes: (sold separately)

  • 2 MHz Obstetric – Especially useful later in pregnancy (10-12 weeks and up), for use in labor, and in monitoring larger women
  • 3 MHz Obstetric – Especially useful in confirming pregnancy (8-10 weeks), monitoring early in pregnancy, and monitoring smaller women
  • 4 MHz Vascular – Aids in reading very deep vascular vessels
  • 5 MHz Vascular – Aids in reading signals from moderately deep vessels
  • 8 MHz Vascular – Useful for monitoring in tight areas, and in obtaining signals from peripheral and superficial vessels
  • 10 MHz Vascular – For monitoring special superficial vessels
  • EZ8 – 8MHz High Sensitivity Widebeam probe for easier vessel location & to maintain vessel contact during inflation and deflation.

*images are for representational purposes only and may include additional accessories that are sold separately, please rely on descriptions when ordering.

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Probe Type

2 MHz Obstetric, 3 MHz Obstetric, 4 MHz Vascular, 5 MHz Vascular, 8 MHz Vascular, 10 MHz Vascular, EZ8 – 8MHz High Sensitivity Widebeam


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