ECG Equipment Rentals

  • Our loaner program is fully customizable
  • Can run from a week to over 12 months
  • Can be customized to include accessories such as ECG paper and electrodes.


  • An experienced repair department at LifeLine Medical that can turn around most repairs within 48 hours.
  • We maintain an extensive inventory of loaner equipment and can send out a loaner unit within 24 hours.
  • We can customize a rental program to fit your needs.
  • Our ECG Machine rentals range from a week to over 12 months, and can be customized to include accessories such as ECG paper and electrodes.

ECG Equipment

  • We have an extensive inventory of single-channel and multi-channel ECG’s with and without ECG measurements and interpretation.
  • The printouts range from 3 1/2′ wide paper to full-size records.
  • We can customize the units to conform to your specified protocol.
  • We carry ECG paper for most ECG machines as well as disposable tab and stress electrodes.

Overread Services

  • We have a Board Certified Cardiologist who can provide both ECG and Holter analysis.

Field ECG’s

  • We have access to trained ECG technicians throughout the US.
  • They own their own ECG equipment and are available to perform ECG’s in the field.
  • We can set up a customized program.
  • We will coordinate the process of requesting, performing and collecting the ECG’s.

Holter Monitoring

  • Schiller’s Windows-based holter system can be customized for your protocol.
  • The system features lightweight digital recorders and easy-to-use Windows-based software.
  • You have a choice of editing the results or printing directly to a printer.
  • We can assemble holter kits to your specifications.

Spirometry Equipment

  • Our spirometry equipment includes stand alone units with built-in printers and PC-based systems.
  • These will allow you to download data into your customized software.
  • The Clear Advantage disposable filter complies with OSHA regulations and can be adapted to fit most spirometers.