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ECG Equipment Rentals

EKG Machines above are available for rentals. Rental cost depends on the machine and rental period. Call us today at 800-452-4566

Top Features:

  • Our EKG rental program is fully customizable
  • Can run from a week to over 12 months
  • Can be customized to include accessories such as ECG paper and electrodes.
  • We will replace or repair any units within 48 hours in an event of a failure or malfunction


  • An experienced repair department at LifeLine Medical that can turn around most repairs within 48 hours.
  • We maintain an extensive inventory of loaner equipment and can send out a loaner unit within 24 hours.

ECG Equipment

  • We have an extensive inventory of single-channel and multi-channel ECG’s with and without ECG measurements and interpretation.
  • The printouts range from 3 1/2′ wide paper to full-size records.
  • We can customize the units to conform to your specified protocol.
  • We carry ECG paper for most ECG machines as well as disposable tab and stress electrodes.

Overread Services

  • We have a Board Certified Cardiologist who can provide both ECG and Holter analysis.

Interval measurements

Most of our equipment displays HR, PR, QRS, QT and QTC intervals. In addition, the Cardioline equipment will display the QTcF interval. Click here for example tracing

Field ECG’s

  • We have access to trained ECG technicians throughout the US.
  • They own their own ECG equipment and are available to perform ECG’s in the field.
  • We can set up a customized program.
  • We will coordinate the process of requesting, performing and collecting the ECG’s.

Holter Monitoring

  • Schiller’s Windows-based holter system can be customized for your protocol.
  • The system features lightweight digital recorders and easy-to-use Windows-based software.
  • You have a choice of editing the results or printing directly to a printer.
  • We can assemble holter kits to your specifications.

Spirometry Equipment

  • Our spirometry equipment includes stand-alone units with built-in printers and PC-based systems.
  • These will allow you to download data into your customized software.
  • The Spirometry disposable filters complies with OSHA regulations and can be adapted to fit most spirometers.