Cardioline ECG/EKG is the newest in cardio care technology.

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Cardioline started working in the early ‘60s.  Generations of physicians all over the world choose them as a partner in their practice.  More than 400,000 units are sold in 40 countries worldwide.  The Cardioline brand is so well-known that it’s considered a synonym of an electrocardiograph.  They are a highly specialized company and leader in the development of cardiovascular diagnostic equipment.

With over 50 years of experience our machines incorporate the latest technologies.  This appeals to hospitals, clinics and the individual family practitioner.


At Cardioline we aim to make the difference in improving the healthcare system.  We make high quality diagnostic devices reliable and accessible to healthcare professionals.

We design advanced medical devices as a result of our unrivalled expertise in the industry.  Together with the deployment of state-of-the art technology and a vocation to finding solutions dedicated to healthcare professionals and patients.

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