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Physician Measuring and Column Scales

Detecto Medical is the largest medical scale manufacturer in the United States.  We provide an large product line of scales and weighing systems. We offer a wide selection of equipment for your truck scale or weighing operation.

For over 100 years doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals for instance have been using our traditional weigh beam eye-level design.

Detecto Medical’s scales meet the needs of today’s medical world. Our scales feature low, flat platforms, models with or without columns, and mechanical or digital stadiometers.  Hence, they are used to comfortably measure, weigh, and calculate BMI in hospitals, clinics and emergency care centers.

Most of our physician scales offers easily-transportable platforms or column and base constructions.  They also feature wheels to save space and bring the scales to the patients.

The digital scales send data easily via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Welch Allyn connection options which preserve patient vital statistics.

Most physician scale models set up very easily.  In this way medical professionals won’t waste valuable time that could otherwise be given to patient care.

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