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Bovie Medical Products


Bovie Medical is the most well-known and trusted brand in electrosurgery. They produce generators, electrodes, cauteries, lighting, and colposcopes to meet your procedural needs.

Bovie Medical is an advanced energy technology company with a passion for elevating people’s lives through innovative products.

Their electrosurgery generators are ideal in all aspects of surgery. From basic wart removal, spider veins, and hair removal in a doctor’s office to the most intricate open heart, orthopedic, and transplant procedures

Bovie Medical Electrosurgery Generators are the perfect choice for hospitals and clinics everywhere.

They also provide with a wide range of Electrosurgery Generator Accessories including electrosurgery pencils, cauteries, and electrodes.

Bovie offers low and high-temperature cauteries as well as electrosurgery electrodes in loop, ball, square and needle styles, compatible with most electrosurgery generators.

Another item Bovie Medical offers a variety of veterinary electrosurgical generators and electrosurgery systems for mobile vets and animal hospitals alike.

Veterinary electrosurgical generators offer the latest cutting edge technology for a variety of surgical procedures.

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