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Fiab Disposable Electrocauteries Pens (60507020)


Disposable Sterile Low Temp Electro Cautery Pen

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Fiab Disposable Electrocauteries Pens (Sold individually)

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F7255 – Disposable Low Temperature Cautery

F7255 Disposable cautery, sterile, low temperature (600ºC), 28 mm fine tip
F7255UF Disposable cautery, sterile, low temperature (600ºC), 28 mm ultra fine tip



F7244 – Disposable High Temperature Cautery

F7244 Disposable cautery, sterile, high temperature (1200ºC), 28 mm fine tip



FIAB disposable bipolar sterile cautery pens feature perfect hemostasis with fast and effective precision cauterization of small blood vessels.  

  • Powered by an internal long life battery 
  • Extremely easy to handle


The disposable electrocauteries provide an excellent cost effective alternative to the radio frequency electrosurgical unit of neutral plate and electrosurgical pencil. Thermal cautery technology is especially well-suited for surgical procedures such as dermatological cauterizations, small gynecological operations, hemostasis of pockets during pacemaker implantations, as well as cardiovascular, reconstructive and ophthalmologic surgery.




 PRIMARY PACKAGING  Singly packaged in blister
 STORAGE  Temperature: +0 °C ÷ +50 °C – Relative humidity 20% ÷ 80%
 EXPIRY  24 months from production date printed on packaging




Alternative uses as Cautery Tool for Fly Tying:

  • finishing flies
  • making exact cuts and trimming
  • burning holes to embed eyes

This cauterizing tool is perfectly suited for fly fishing to gently burn off loose hair, or remove loose fibers, to make depressions for seating, or to inlay eyes on deer hair or wool-head flies. Tip: you must let the tip burn the material before sweeping the tip through or the tip may break. 


CAUTION: The tip gets VERY HOT and can cause severe burns if used incorrectly, therefore, it is intended for professional use only. Use with Caution, Keep out of Reach of Children.

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F7244 – High Temp, F7255 – Low Temp


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