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Welch Allyn ABPM 6100S Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (WAABPM6100S)

The Welch Allyn ABPM 6100 is an easy-to-use 24-hour blood pressure monitor that allows you to identify white coat hypertension,

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Welch Allyn ABPM 6100S Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (WAABPM6100S)

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

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The Welch Allyn ABPM 6100 is an easy-to-use 24-hour blood pressure monitor that allows you to identify white coat hypertension, take accurate sleep readings and tailor drug therapy regimes to your individual patient needs. It also provides you with powerful software that makes it more efficient to analyse blood pressure readings and diagnose potential patient complications. Plus the device comes with an innovative sleeve design that secures the cuff to your patients’ arm, providing comfort for longer testing periods. With all this, the Welch Allyn 6100 improves blood pressure management for your patients and makes monitoring more effective and efficient for your practice. 

Features and Benefits of the Welch Allyn ABPM 6100S:

  • Allows you to measure systolic, diastolic, mean blood pressure and heart rate over a period of 24 hours
  • Unlimited protocols allow you to programme measurement periods and inflation frequencies to meet any study needs
  • Uses oscillometric technology, a widely accepted and validated method of automatic NIBP measurement
  • Unique sleeve cuff fits easily on your patients and dynamic inflation with adjustable maximum limits and pressure increases their comfort
  • Lightweight, compact and quiet for improved patient compliance
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use and powerful Windows® based software
  • Report content can easily be tailored to meet your practice needs
  • 100% latex-free cuffs reduce the risk of allergic reactions
  • Meets or exceeds the latest AAMI, EHS, and BHS standards
  • Includes the Welch Allyn CardioPerfect™ Workstation 
  • 2 year warranty 


  • Batteries: Two 1.5 V AA type
  • Dimensions: 124 mm x 70 mm x 33 mm
  • Weight: 270 g including batteries
  • Technique: Oscillometric with step deflation


  • Systolic BP: 60 to 250 mmHg
  • Diastolic BP: 25 to 200 mmHg
  • Maximum inflation: 270 mmHg
  • Heart rate: 40 to 200 bpm
  • Accuracy: ±3 mmHg or 2% of reading
  • Calibration: Minimally, once per year


  • Alkaline batteries: Up to 250 readings
  • Rechargeable batteries: Up to 110 readings 


Welch Allyn CardioPerfect™ Workstation Software – powerful software that makes data management easier.

The Welch Allyn ABPM 6100S software system allows you to access your patient data with the Welch Allyn CardioPerfect™ Workstation software. The software manages data from the ABPM 6100S and other Welch Allyn cardiopulmonary devices in the same way, allowing you to store all of your patient information in the same record, with paperless efficiency and connectivity. This permits you to retrieve and analyse information quickly, allowing you and your staff to interact more efficiently with your patients.

Then, if you’re ready for an Electronic Medical Record (EMR), patient information and testing data can be easily transferred to many leading EMRs through a simple electronic interface.

Features of Welch Allyn CardioPerfect Software:

  • On-screen easy review and editing of diagnostic tests with predefined statements
  • Database stores thousands of test records (storage space of up to 2 GB)
  • Access information from exam rooms or your office through a network
  • Fax or create PDF reports (fax or PDF software not included)
  • Export or telemedicine options for e-mail consults
  • Integration with many other patient information systems (e.g., billing, medical record)
  • Admin functions – password security to control user access and responsibilities


  • Tower or Desktop PC Configuration
  • Processor: P4 or higher
  • Ports: 3 USB and 2 Serial
  • Memory: 1 GB or higher
  • Monitor: 1280 x 1024 true colour, 17” or higher
  • Hard disc: At least 40 GB with 10 GB available
  • Operating system: Windows® 2000 Service Pack 4 or XP SP2
  • I/O: CD-RW
  • Peripherals: Keyboard, mouse and printer
  • Internet connection required for Telemedicine option or to allow Welch Allyn to provide on-line technical support.
  • PC running only CardioPerfect Workstation Software and EMR application during tests.
  • Note: All CardioPerfect installations include a free MSDE SQL license.
  • This version of SQL allows up to 2 GB of data to be stored (this will accommodate approximately 10,000 ABPM tests, depending on the file size). Licenses can be purchased from Microsoft for versions of MS SQL that allows unlimited storage.


ABPM-6100S Ambulatory Blood Pressure System including CardioPerfect Workstation Software ABPM module, one recorder, custom pouch with shoulder strap and waist belt, one adult sleeve cuff, four AA alkaline batteries, PC interface cable, USB converter and user manuals on CD.

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