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Covid-19 million dollar question?

Covid-19 Million Dollar Question?

Covid-19 Million Dollar Question?

When is it going to end? The emotional stress that everyone is going through is becoming suffocating. Since the pandemic outbreak in January 2020, it has slowly developed in a paralyzation of masks, social distancing, and closing down non-essential businesses to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Human-kind needs socialization, that is what makes us part of the animal kingdom. It is our interaction, community, and our support for one another that makes us special in the circle of life.

On-going struggles on a global front are mind-boggling. The balance of the economy, health, and personal life are at an imbalance. How can we change this growing dynamic?

There is so much speculation on the end-result.

As a medical distribution company, we have spent the majority of our time making sure we supplement medical office, para-medical examiners, some hospitals, and front line responders with the right products that need to keep them safe. If we cannot control the political environment of the on-going decision making at least we may control what we offer for the safety and well-being of our customers.

Do We Have Control?

We do have control, or do we? For companies that provide products to consumers and medical professionals, it is becoming difficult to get the word out. Why? Because of the on-going shutdowns or limitations, companies like us are embracing social media and certain browsers like Google to assist us in marketing products not only for commerce but because we absolutely care about the state of this global community. However, big conglomerations like Google and other social media platforms are shutting us up, stating we are abusing the system and exploiting the pandemic. Which is absolutely not true.

Yes, there may be a few that price gauge however, we do not. So it is the old common law, “guilty by association”. I, personally speak to customers on a daily basis. They are fearful of closing their doors due to the lack of marketing platforms. Social media platforms will not let them even mention the word covid-19 in their ads. How are we to market without using the word covid-19 due to the circumstances that we are facing.

Physicians, nurses, pharmacies, EMT front line workers, para-medical examiners, and the entire medical community want this to come to an end too. It has become exhausting for our medical community as well as being overworked to the point of tears.

Our business “Lifeline Medical, Inc. has been in business for over 30 years. We have been conducting the same ethics of business now as the first day we started. We provide the necessary supplies, equipment, and products to the medical community without restrictions. Social media platforms need to recognize they are the gateway for businesses to market and maintain a B2C during this crisis. Loosen the restraints, and let customers decide.


~Lifeline Medical, Inc. Staff Writers

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