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Instant Hand Sanitizer Citrus Scent Safetec (18350, 18354)

Instant Hand Sanitizer Citrus Scent Safetec (18350, 18354) Safetec Instant Hand Sanitizer Citrus Scent is formulated with an enriched moisturizing […]

Fluid Solidifier – By Safetec – Red Z ® & Can-Z ®

Safetec’s Fluid Control Solidifiers are designed to encapsulate, deodorize and contain potentially infectious blood and body fluids to help you comply with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 1910.1030, while saving your facility money.

Ammonia Inhalants by Safetec (0.7 g. pouches) 52020, 52022

The Safetec Ammonia Inhalant is a powerful respiratory stimulant that provides immediate relief of lightheadedness, dizziness, fainting. Simply open a pouch and allow patient to inhale vapor.

Safetec® Itch Relief – 2oz. Spray Bottle Diphenhydramine (57001)

Provides temporary relief from pain and itching associated with minor skin irritations and rashes due to poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac and insect bites.

Sting Relief Spray & Wipes (S.S.R.™) by Safetec 52001, 52013, 52014, 52015

Safetec Sting Relief Antiseptic Wipes provide temporary relief from pain and itching caused by insect stings and bug bites.

Safetec Antiseptic Bio-Hand Cleaner ™ (A.B.H.C.®) 17377,17378

Safetec’s® Antiseptic Bio-Hand Cleaner is 66.5% ethyl alcohol that evaporates completely with no rinsing required

Insect Repellant by Safetec (53509,53506)

Insect Repellant by Safetec   Safetec® has formulated a Deet free insect repellant to compliment our line of infection control, […]

Skin Lotion by Safetec (53505,53510)

Skin Lotion by Safetec® Helps You to Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin Feel comfortable in your own skin. Use […]

Sunscreen Lotion by Safetec (53700,53706)

Sunscreen Lotion by Safetec® Use Anywhere for High Sun Protection (SPF 30)   Safetec® Sunscreen Lotion helps prevent sunburn especially […]

Pain Relief Roll-On and Spray by Safetec (58001,58000)

Comes in Roll and Spray Format