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CARDIOVIT FT-1 – ETM interpretation Software


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CARDIOVIT FT-1 with ETM interpretation Software


CARDIOVIT FT-1 with ETM interpretation Software

Maximum performance in a portable compact electrocardiograph. Designed for users who value state-of-the art technology. The FT-1 supports paperless workflows and advanced clinical tools


Standard unit including:

– LCD size 8″ multi-touch

– Weight incl. paper in kg: 1.1

– Dimensions l/w/h in mm: 230x160x30

– Battery operation up to 3h (WLAN switched off)

– External power supply

– Interfaces: LAN, WLAN, USB

– Internal memory size: up to 350 recordings

– 12-lead simultaneous analysis

– Displayed leads: 12

– Printing number of traces in real-time rhythm: 6

– On screen review of ECG

– Hook-up adviser with color-coded waveforms and anatomical model

– Lead reversal detection

– Thermal paper format: Z-folded, 104mm wide

– ECG measurements


– Bi-directional communication with EMR and direct PDF export on PC with SCHILLER link

– Bi-directional communication with HIS and XML/PDF export in combination with SCHILLER Server

– Medical grade AC/DC power adapter 90-264VAC (2.200126) incl. mains connection

– Instruction manual


ETM Interpretation Software FT-1

Interpretation software for adults and children The industry’s most thoroughly documented, computer interpreted, simultaneous 12-lead ECG analysis program for uncompromising quality and reliability. Continuous developments in rhythm, conduction, hypertrophy and infarction detection make ETM the most clinically valuable 2nd opinion.



2.400227 10-wire patient cable, snap type, AHA for FT-1

2.155025 Blue Sensor Stress test electrodes, disposable, set of 25 pcs for snap Type cable.

2.155031 Bio-Adhesive electrodes SCHILLER-Tabs brand, (box of 1,000 pcs)

2.157037 Thermal chart paper FT-1 thermosensitive, Z-folded, 1 package, 114mm wide

2.300012 Mains cable USA hospital grade, 2,5m straight

2.101126 Trolley X1 with mounting plate for FT-1


CARDIOVIT FT-1 with ETM interpretation Software

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Additional information

Weight 5.43 lbs
Dimensions 9.05 × 6.29 × 1.18 in


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